body-back.jpgUniversity Shell is the only full service gas station left in DeKalb County, Illinois. We are proud to provide free gas pumping and oil checking for our elderly and handicapped residents and do so each and every day.

Come to University Shell in DeKalb, Illinois for all your auto repair needs too! University Shell is proud to be a NAPA AutoCare center.

NAPA AutoCare is not a franchise, but rather, a quality standard where independent repair business owners are invited to join based upon their community reputation, integrity, qualifications and expertise.
University Shell, Inc. is proud to be a NAPA AutoCare Center.

At Shell, we are committed to our customers.

Doing the right thing: Shell is responsible for safely finding, developing and producing oil and natural gas right here in the United States with operations in the Gulf of Mexico, Colorado, South Texas, Wyoming, Alabama and Alaska.

Alternative Energy: It is estimated that 7% of all fuel will be from sustainable sources by 2030 – a volume equivalent to about two million barrels of oil a day. Shell is helping create viable and sustainable alternatives for both fuel and power through scientific and technological developments in such areas as biomass, wind, hydrogen and solar – often by partnering with companies whose specialized know-how can be added to our own to accelerate the process.

We aim to drive down the cost of alternative energy sources and help overcome other practical hurdles to them becoming more widely available.  Help become part of the solution!